"Move and Go To..." option

I use the “Move To…” command a lot. I often want to move a file and then immediately go to the group the file was just moved to, in order to do more organization or work in that group. I would like a way to hold a modifier key to turn the command to “Move and Go To…” which would do just that, in one action: move the file and go to the group it was just moved to.

The OPTION key is already taken to turn “Move To” to “Duplicate To”, so either COMMAND, CONTROL, or SHIFT would work. It would be a small feature addition that would streamline my usage a lot. Thanks for your consideration.

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The request is noted.

I have to note that the recently added shortcut COMMAND-L which takes you to the group that a file was just sent to solves this wonderfully, and is useful in many circumstances. Problem solved. :grinning: Thank you!