Move file to...

I’d like to be able to move a file to another folder from within DT.

Example: Right-Click on a document in DT, select “Move To…”, select a folder in a dialog.

Have a look on this method in iView Media Pro. I think it is very useful.


Hi parelius:

Unless I misunderstood your question, this can be done in DT exactly as you’ve described.

Select your document in DT’s browser window, right click/control click on the doc, and select “Move To” from the resulting contextual menu. The menu selection is about half-way down the menu. The menu is hierarchical; it mirrors your group structure within DT.

I don’t have iView Media Pro, so I can’t do the comparison. But I think DT already does what you want.

Duplicate/Move/Replicate To commands are available from contextual and toolbar Actions menus.

OK, I think I was not precise enough. I’d like to move the document physically on the file system (if it’s a linked document) and not just in DT’s folder hierarchy.

This will definitely come but don’t expect this before v2.0 (as this version will revise and simplify all those currentliy available importing/indexing/linking/copying options and commands).

Wonderful! Looking forward to this.