Move files to other database? (version 2.0)

How does one move, rather than copy, files from one DTPO database to another? I can’t seem to find a drag-and-drop method that doesn’t copy. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

That’s not available in public beta 1, but will come in a future version.

This would be a top priority for me, and I suspect for the bulk of multiple database users. Hope we see it soon!


Is there any update of this topic?

I am also looking for a way to move some files to an other database…

Drag’n’drop between databases via the sidebar now works (!) in DT Pro Office, public beta 2. (Okay, it copies rather than just moves, but still…)

My experience suggests that the Groups window is more useful for this, because you can expand the folders - and thus copy directly to a particular folder in another database. Hopefully, though, there will soon be the ability to move via this kind of mechanism.