move from Global Inbox

Very new to DTTG. Trying to figure out three things.

  1. When I open a attachment from email- it places the attachment in my global inbox. How do I then move it to one of my folders?

  2. I created “New Inbox items from Photo Library” from the camera, which went into the Global inbox- but now I cannot seem to delete those pics. I have the same issue with deleting other things from the global inbox.

  3. Is there a way you can move an entire email into DTTG?


Unfortunately, moving items is not currently supported in DTTG, due to limitations with our current sync code. We are working on new sync code and plan to allow moving shortly after releasing the new sync code.

Did you sync after adding the pictures? Again, due to limitations in our current sync code and our goal to prevent data loss, deleting files once they’ve been synced is not currently allowed, but will be once we have the new sync code in place.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re mean by that. Could you elaborate?

thanks for the first two answers. I look forward to the code additions.

For the last question on moving emails… Assume I have an email on ipad. If it has a attachment, I can open that attachment in DTTG. However, how can I move the email message itself, to a folder?

Unfortunately, the only way to do this right now on iOS is to copy the contents of the email and paste them into a text note in DTTG. Apple doesn’t provide direct access to emails, nor do they provide a way to send emails to other apps.