Move items with the keyboard


nutze das Script schon länger, seit kurzer Zeit bekomme ich aber beim Aufruf nachfolgende Fehlermeldung:

„«class DTlo» of missing value“ kann nicht gelesen werden.

Habe das Script schon einmal neu installiert, der Fehler bleibt aber bestehen.

Gibt es da Probleme mit einem der letzten Updates?

Gruß Roadrunner

We are aware of this issue and will look into it.

Same for me.

Any update on the Move Script? Never knew how much I depended on it until it broke!

It’s not something to fix in the script. It will be addressed in the next maintenance release.

Not sure I understand that logic. To my mind, when something once worked and now it doesn’t it’s broke :unamused: however, I’m happy :smiley: to hear it will be addressed regardless. Thanks for responding. I’d be lost without this software.

It’s not a problem in the script itself but the code that underlies what the script does when it runs. If it was a problem in the actual script, we’d just reissue it, but it’s a deeper issue than that.

Perhaps semantics to some, but I wanted people to understand why we couldn’t just “fix the script”. :smiley:

Hi Bluefrog - sorry to be asking the kind of question you must hate, but the keyboard-triggered move dialog is fundamental to my workflow to the extent I had to think for a minute or two before I remembered the mouse-triggered alternative. (I upgraded yesterday). As you’ll see from my profile I’ve been using DTOP since about 2011, and pop up on here very seldom…

What kind of timeframe before the maintenance release which will fix this? I ask as it will very swiftly become way beyond infuriating.



Later this month. In the meantime downgrading to version 2.9.17 might be an option if you don’t use the new iCloud sync.

About that new iCloud sync…when I first purchased DT Pro I was advised to not keep my databases in a cloud. I have been a user of drop box but would consider moving to iCloud if it meant I could keep databases in the cloud and all my devices would be in sync.

It does not mean that.

Thanks! (been unusually offline)