Move selected files to a specific database's inbox

Is there a way to set up a shortcut to move the selected files to a specific databases inbox. When I have tried to do this it sends the files to the global inbox.

No. You can set DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import > Destination to Select Group and choose the location for certain operations, but the groups don’t exist so you can make shortcuts to them (except to open them).

You may want to consider using a Folder Action on a folder. The script is editable so you could point it to a specific group.

Some people also use Hazel instead of Folder Actions.

Thanks, I set up a folder action and make a shortcut using automator. Everything works how I want it to now. :smiley:

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That’s the beauty of a Mac :smiley: :smiley:

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Would you mind sharing your workflow?
Your work might prevent me from reinventing the wheel… :open_mouth:

Here is a video explaining how I did it.

Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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This is a good solution but would be nice if I could scan / manipulate files to DEVONthink vs the finder.

Is it possible to run automator services on documents within DEVONthink?

Thank you.

It depends on the construction of the service. DEVONthink is not a filesystem, so it doesn’t report things like “an image is selected”. A record is selected.

While this is a good suggestion for using the Mac automator or Hazel, I was wondering if this is possible to create a shortcut in Mac Finder for the Database’s Inbox?

For example,

Inbox - DB name:

Inbox - Global Inbox
Inbox - Research
Inbox - Business

Each one of these would have a link within Mac Finder to allow drag + drop files to its Inbox folder.

Any ideas? Or is the suggested method looking like the best options…?

Thanks in advance.

No, this is not possible, since the Inbox of databases don’t exist in the file system. Folder Actions pointing at specific locations is advocated.

Got it. Thanks for the info. Looks like I’ll create a Hazel rule.

You’re welcome.

I use a variation on this with Hazel where i have 6 folders[that is just the number i needed] indexed into groups in a single data base. I have a master folder where i drop docs into. I have 1 or 2 keywords in the doc title. Hazel monitors the master folder and renames a doc based on the keyword[s]. For example changing a doc titled “AP” to 20190305 Asuncion Parish and then moving it to another folder which is indexed into the AP client group in the client database.

Sometimes i later move the files into the DTPO database when i am done with a project and archive them.

I have about 50 Hazel rules that rename and move various documents/pdfs for me. Saves a lot of tedious work and i know it is done consistently each time. This also works well for monthly bills and statements.
Good luck.

So to be make sure I understand about hazel (I like Hazel as well)

  • You create a database
  • Inside you create 6 groups
  • You index all of them
  • What I am not sure to understand is your Master folder: is it a folder existing only in the Finder with the subfolders inside: so are you using one only rule in Hazel, which works with it or are you creating a rule for each subfolder? And then why a masterfolder?
    Does the Master folder only exist in the Finder and Hazel works with it and with the help of “rename” or tag maybe, HAZEL will be able to place correctly your files?
    Sorry if the question seems obvious: I am not a kind of new in all of this
    thank you for your help