Move To... and the use of right/left arrow key

Using DEVONthink Pro 3.0 / macOS 10.14.6.

With Data / Move To …

It is possible to use the up and down arrow keys to move up and down the list of folders.

But for folders which have sub-folders it is not possible to use the right arrow to move into the sub folder(s). It is necessary to use the mouse.

Is this intended behaviour? Could a change be made so that it possible to navigate into a folder with the right arrow key and left arrow key to close/navigate out of the sub-folder(s)?

(I can see it is possible to use the search to find a sub-folder, but this assumes you know which one you wish to go into.)


Left/right arrow keys are currently used inside the search field for the text cursor, up/down arrow keys are used to navigate the results. Therefore a different shortcut that is not frequently used in search fields would be necessary.

Thank you for the reply.

However, I find this puzzling. Every other app I use (including Finder), the the left and right arrow keys navigate into sub-folders, or close them.

I also now notice that in the Navigate sidebar for any of the databases or globals, the left and right arrow keys do not work.


In the part of the interface to the right (sorry I do not the official name is) where the folders and files for a selected database are shown, the right and left arrow keys do work.

I suggest this is inconsistent with how other macOS apps work and also internally consistent within DEVONthink itself.

It also means that it is not possible to use the keyboard to move into a folder, one has to use a mouse or trackpad. Is this correct?

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The Move/Go/Insert Link To popovers in DEVONthink 3 are different because the search field has always the focus, therefore it’s not necessary to e.g. switch the focus by pressing Tab or Shift-Tab or to use special shortcuts to navigate the results. Up & down arrow keys are sufficient. The disadvantage is the expansion handling, this requires the mouse/trackpad.

The sidebar doesn’t ever get the keyboard focus so far (like most sidebars).

But DT3 isn’t like most programs! :wink: Is it possible this could be added as a Hidden Preference?

It’s already on the to-do list for upcoming versions.


Another issue with the new Move To… function (another than the left and right arrows do not work) is that it is not possible to create a new group - the DT2 version allowed you do so.

Unless I am missing something. As far as I can see it is first necessary from the sidebar to go into the group you wish to move the items, create a new (sub)group and then use Move To…

Is this correct?

Just wondering but which “DT2 version”? There was no such command in version 2, only a third-party script.

I have uninstalled DT2 completely but I was referring to the last version released version, and you are correct, I was referring (for DT2) the script.

It is unfortunate the the functionality of the Move To… is reduced in two ways in DT3.

It is unfortunate the the functionality of the Move To… is reduced in two ways in DT3.

Note: The functionality isn’t “reduced in two ways”, as that wasn’t a native function of DEVONthink 2. It was a third-party script.

And it should be still possible to use this script in version 3 too.

Up/down and left/right arrow keys work for me in Move To… and I’m not running any 3rd party script to do this.

Can I please second this request? I have a fairly complex database structure with a category and year groups underneath the category. I have many categories and they all have years. A structure like this:


  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002

I have a lot of documents to be move from the inbox. I can use the “Data -> Move To” to get to the category, however there is no way - with either the keyboard or mouse - of selecting the subfolder. I can search for the subfolder (year) but then the list of categories is too long to use.

In DT2 this was SO easy. The functionality (or script, the difference doesn’t matter) was fast and convenient. It was quick to find the category and then use the right keystroke to select the subfolder (or subfolders in some cases).

Is there any way to manage subgroups with “Move To” in DT3?