Move to External Folder Command

I think I might be missing something here. I’ve seen references made to a “move to external folder” command from the contextual (right-click) menu. For the life of me, I cannot find this command. All the “move to” commands reference other folders/groups inside DT.
Here is what I want to do: I have several files/docs sotred throughout DT that I periodically need to copy to my dropbox folder so that I have access to them on another computer or my iphone. I feel like the simplest way would be to right click and “move to external folder” command to send the doc to my desktop dropbox folder.
If there is not a “move to external folder” command, is it possible just to create a group within DT that Indexes the dropbox folder, thus I could replicate a document to that group inside DT, then it would appear in dropbox?. I was a little hesitant to try this on my own because of all the forum posts detailing corruption of databases.

Thank you for your help.

The “Move to External Folder” command appears in the contextual menu of non-indexed items that are inside an indexed group. You can index one or more Dropbox folders, put documents in that index group, and then use “Move to External”. (The opposite command “Move into Database” appears in the contextual menu of indexed items.) Over here, I collaborate on documents with work teams this way using shared Dropbox folders that I index in DEVONthink on my machine.

Indexing some or all of your Dropbox folder hierarchy is probably a lot less risky than using Dropbox to sync an entire DEVONthink database package between machines. I’ve experienced database corruption with the latter, but not with indexing Dropbox folders. And on the other hand there are other users who’ve written in the forum that they have had not database corruption.


Thanks. That will work for me.