Move to new group

I am in the process of cataloguing a large number of images in DTP Office, I imported them all into a single Group named “Images to Classify”; my goal is to transfer these images into individual relevant Groups some of which exist and some which I will have to create. An example might help:

Say I have 10 images of “Cardiff” in the Group “Images to Classify” but no Group entitled “Cardiff” is there a way to select the 10 images and move them to a new group which I call Cardiff? A command such as “move to new group” would I think fit the bill.

At the moment I am creating a new group and then using the drop-down “Action>Move to” command but with over 4000 images to go yet it is becoming a bit of a bore :frowning: Thanks for any help.

Select the documents and right-click>‘Group’, or you also have some additional options when using the Data menu:


Group/Ungroup Items: Creates a new group containing all the selected items. This is similar to creating a new group and moving the selected items into it. This command also works in the See Also & Classify drawer. Ungroup does exactly the opposite; it moves all items contained in the selected group one level up and removes the now empty group.

Auto Group Items: This and the following feature Auto Classify are some of the intelligent functions that gave DEVONthink Pro Office its reputation. It tries to find similarities between the selected documents and then group them accordingly. This is most useful, for example, when trying to create order and structure out of a few hundred documents randomly clipped from web sites.

Just to add: This option is also existent as a toolbar icon. If it’s not in the toolbar by default, then via menu bar > view > customize toolbar.

Thank you Greg-Jones and berndm that is just what I wanted, saved me many hundreds of clicks I reckon :smiley: