"Move To" - text length of folder/project name

Thanks for a great program!
I was wondering, when selecting a file and “right-click” and select option “Move To”, then choose a project/folder, it displays the folder/project name/title, but only parts of it… if I have a long folder name it is truncated. Is there a setting to always show the full length or could that be added in a new release?

Problem is if I e.g. use same words/numbers (in the beginning of each folder name) on a lot of folders, then I cant see which is which when I want to move the file.

I’m comparing to “Default Folder X” which always shows full name of every (nested) folder

// BR Anders

Welcome @Magicnemo

Define long.

PS: We have blogged about the problems with using long names, if you care to read it: https://www.devontechnologies.com/blog/tuesdaytipshortenlongfilenames

Hi, i’ve read the article but feels something else might be the case here, it’s not that long folder name, perhaps using special characters like a star (?) is the problem

How it looks like in DT3 beta 2

Actual (indexed) folder name on disk:

If trying to save a file to that folder using “Default Folder X” instead of DT3:

BR Anders

A quick addon to my own reply,

Here is a full paste of folders in DT3 below the highlighted one, many of which have similar folder names but dont use stars in the name (regular characters incl ‘+’ and ‘_’) …

It’s intentional that too long names are truncated to avoid bloated menus but the next beta will slightly revise this.