Moved e-mails from global inbox to other database - no longer special group?

I’ve moved thousands of e-mails from my global inbox to a database to archive them,

After moving the e-mails, the group is no longer represented as an e-mail group and column fields like ‘to’ and ‘from’ cannot be selected.

The individual e-mail are recognized as e-mails according to the info popup and are readiboe, including attachments.

Any way to reset the group as e-mail and sort them by ‘to’ and ‘from’. I’ve currently worked by ordering on URL which seems to have the to/from field incorporated as well.

This seems to be a bug, we’ll check this.

These optional columns should be always available, this does not depend on the contents of a group. How did you try to enable them?

Right click on the columns. In my recollection, that allowed me to also choose to/from in the list of possible columns. I am able to choose between date added/created or URL for example.

Are these options enabled in View > Columns > Customise Metadata…?

Found it.

But as far as I can recall, I’ve never visited the ‘metadata’ section before to select those. Weren’t those field set by default in an earlier version?

In version 2 this wasn’t customizable at all. Since version 3 the generic metadata plus your custom metadata is enabled by default but not document properties.

That explains it. I’ve temporarily stopped archiving e-mail during version 2 as DTTG2 would load remote images by default and couldn’t be turned off. In the meantime both DT3 and DTTG3 were released and that allows me to disable loading remote images in HTML e-mail (who ever came up with HTML e-mail? :roll_eyes:).

Be aware though that the default in DT is ‘off’ but it’s ‘on’ in DTTG3. @eboehnisch might consider also turning it off by default in DTTG3 as it’s a safer default setting IMO. That will undoubtedly lead to users that start complaining their e-mail doesn’t display ‘properly’, but I think many people are unaware of the tracking and receipt notifications that are send back to the sender of the e-mail with these remote images. Whether that’s an issue is something that everybody should decide for themselves of course. Personally I’m not very happy with it.

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The next release will fix this.

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You can’t say you guys aren’t quick with the fixes. :+1:

As in:

  1. leave them and DT wil restore the group?
  2. import again?

This will only fix the issue causing this but can’t fix existing groups (as they’re not marked as expected anymore internally). But you don’t have to import all emails again, a simple import will recreate the group and then you could move the items from the old group into this new group.

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@cgrunenberg I’ve installed DT 3.6.3 but moving the e-mail group from the global inbox to another database still seems to create a regular group in the other database.

Is there some way to have the Mail plugin import directly into another database than the global inbox?

The next release isn’t out yet.

Is there some way to have the Mail plugin import directly into another database than the global inbox?

Via the Destination dropdown in the Import sidebar.

See **Email archiving is covered in the Help > Documenation > In & Out > Archiving Email, Windows > Sidebar: Email, and Preferences > Email.

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Then the device apparently was running a previous version. It just happened to update and I thought that was the new version mentioned above.

Overlooked that. I’ll try it.