Moved Items To Different DB, Now Have Dupes

iMac on OSX 10.11.6
iPad with iOS 9.3.4
iPhone with iOS 9.3.4
Latest DTPO and DTTG (non-beta)

I am using Box and Bonjour for syncing, with one DB in each to test. The Box sync seems to sync frequently, and syncs many thousands of items when there are only hundreds in the DB. Bonjour seems to work with no issues.

I decided to move everything from the Box sync DB to the one residing on Bonjour (using Move To on Mac), thinking it would smooth out the syncing issues. I have let everything sync for over a day now, with multiple syncs. The items that were supposed to be moved out of the Box DB are back on the Mac and iOS devices, and there are dupes on the iOS devices.

The same items that were moved to the Bonjour DB are there on the Mac, but also have dupes on the iOS devices.

I tried to repair and rebuild each DB, but everything is still there.

What is the best approach to this. Should I clean out both sync stores (actually not sure how to do this through Bonjour), and then restart the sync?

You likely have DTTG2’s Settings > Conflict set to Duplicate.

You can’t clear a Bonjour location as the location is the other machine. Deleting the database and reimporting would be the only operation that would mimic the behavior with a Bonjour connection.

Yes, the Duplicates setting has gotten me before. I keep forgetting about it. In my mind it was a safety net so that I don’t lose information if a sync chooses the wrong data.

Do most people turn that off?

Hard to say. I do. I’d rather not have dupes unless I make them, but there are use cases where people would like the “insurance”.