Movement of not downloaded files doesn't work


I am syncing my Devonthink database with an iMac (Devonthink Pro Office 2.9.1) and an iPad (DTTG 2.0) and I am using a sync store stored on my own WebDAV-Server. To my iPad only metadata is synchronized and I download the content files when needed. So far, sync works like a charm.

However, if I move a document on my iPad, which I have not downloaded yet, from the global inbox to my database, the content file will be deleted from the global inbox but only the metadata will be moved to the database.

So, if look into my database on my iMac after i have moved the document on my iPad I can see that document in the iMac database but cannot open it. Furthermore, the document title in the iMac database is grey. So, in this scenario, I would loose my document as it would be deleted from the global inbox but not properly copied to the database.

I assume that this is a bug as someone could actually loose data. The only workaround I can see is that the document which is supposed to be moved to another database must first be downloaded to the iPad and than be moved afterwards. Especially, if someone has only mobile internet connection with a limited dataplan that solution is not ideal.

Thanks for the bug report, we’ll investigate this and the first maintenance release should fix this.