Movies, file import & preview pane questio


I am still in the testing phase and have some questions.

  1. Is it possible to view QuickTime movies in their original size? They always play with a size adapted to the window size and usually this is much too big to view them correctly.

  2. Will a future version provide better file import support? Meaning, I want to use DEVONthink also as a way to store a lot of different file types in one place but find that the process to import unrecognized files is somewhat cumbersome. Currently only images, PDF and text files can be imported as well as stored in the database folder. Other files need to be linked instead of imported. So what I have to do now is move these files over to a folder I have created and which is the central location for all those files, then go into the menu File, select "Link TO" and then link to the file. A simple button and/or drag/drop should be able to import the file and store it in the database.

  3. Will a future version have a column view pane on top and a preview pane below which displays a preview a soon as a file is clicked in the column view? This makes it easier to navigate through different categories but still display a full sized preview below (a little bit like the "Note Pad" and "Outliner" view now).

Thanks for the feedback!


thank you for the feedback.

  1. Version 1.9 will provide the possibility to zoom movies in, out or to their original size.

  2. Version 1.9 will also include possibilities to copy Quicktime files and unrecognized to the database folder (or inside the database package of DEVONthink Pro databases)

  3. That’s actually already on our to-do list but won’t arrive before v2.0.


Thanks for your answer. When will 1.9 be available?



v1.9 will be available within 2-3 weeks.