Moving a database that is being synced

I just installed the second version of the sync beta. I successfully synced a database from my Mac Pro to Dropbox, and then imported that database into DTPO on my Macbook. However, it’s a large database and the boot drive on my MacBook is a 120 GB SSD. I’d like to move the database to a larger internal hard drive I have in the optical bay.

  1. Where is the database that was imported stored?

  2. Can I simply drag it to the other drive? Will DTPO and the sync plugin know where it is if I do that?

  3. Unrelated question, but once I import the database, would I set it up to sync with Dropbox in the same way I did on my Mac Pro. So each computer has a local copy of the database that is syncing with the copy in Dropbox? Is that how it works?