Moving a DTPO database from a Sync Store to another


Just a quick question: I created two different Sync Stores in my DropBox (say “A” and “B”) and put some dBase in them. Should I move (not copy, really move) one database from A store to B, does it require to re-upload it from start?
I mean: what I would do is to uncheck the database from Sync Store “A” and mark it for syncing with Sync Store “B”. I still haven’t tried, because I wouldn’t want to re-upload gigs of data, and that’s why I’m asking to you any advice!

PS: theoretically speaking all data I need to move from A to B already are on Dropbox, that’s why I think it could be possible to move a dBase without deleting/uploading, but…

It’s not possible to move databases between sync stores and you shouldn’t modify the .dtCloud packages on your own.

What’s actually the difference between the sync stores?