Moving a single replicate to multiple folders

Can anyone tell me whether it is (or will be) possible to move a single replicate to multiple folders using a selection process (eg tick boxes or shift-click for selection of target folders) and then move the replicate to all selected folders with a single command. I use Devonthink regularly and I would like this function if not already built in.

You mean something similar to what the context popup menu lists?

Hello to Jem

From what I see of the contextual menus there is no way to select multiple folders for a replicate by doing a shift-click for example; you have to make a replicate, select one folder using the contextual menu, and then repeat the process X number of times until you get a replicate into X+1 folders in total. This is tedious; in some instances I might like a replicate in 6 or more folders. Do you see any solution to this? For me DT is a marvellous archiving tool, but I am also using DT on occasion as a “serendipitous” search tool - having replicates in a number of folders sometimes jolts my memory to look at a slightly different aspect of a large topic; as well, having multiple replicates helps me with cross-referencing. Perhaps this method of cross-referencing is not the “right” way to be using DT; if so I’d certainly be happy to hear your views on how I might work with DT more effectively. BTW: Is it possible to store AIFF, MP3 or MOV files in DT; I see that links are possible.

Sorry about that, I misunderstood one thing.

I personally think that any way of using the DT is the "correct" way. As long as you get your work done, do whatever you like. I personally am trying to find a way to configure and use DT that is works for me.

Selecting multiple groups as targets for replicating (and copying) items is an interesting idea, mdkmbo.  Anyone have an example of an interactive application where that kind of multi-destination action is possible?  I’m trying to envision a good interface for it …

To sjk

An OS9 app (DragNet - now sadly defunct and no OSX version) which I used as a highly effective url archiver/search engine had a hierarchical pull down menu with the names of all previously-created folders and nested folders; you could click on these one at a time to add the new url to multiple folders. Interestingly, DT allows you to select multiple destination groups by command-clicking if "classify" is selected, but of course the groups which appear after "classify" is selected are not totally user-controlled. So I guess that the option of full user-controlled selection of multiple target groups for a single replicate should not be too difficult to achieve. Maybe it is already in there somewhere and I have missed it. Having it available via command-click would be a better option than the one that I described in DragNet and would be one which might well appeal to low-end users such as myself while they gradually build up their DT database on a day by day basis.

To Jem

Re my previous reply to you on the “right” way to use DT. I’m really interested in knowing how people such as yourself use DT as I am on a learning curve and every bit of input helps. ;D

Thanks for the DragNet example.

Funny, I was playing with multiple item selection in the Classify drawer just after posting earlier.  It’s like that part of the interface almost provides some additional useful functionality but hasn’t been finished yet.

Have you browsed the Usage Scenarios subforum for ideas?

Hello sjk

if you care to send me an email I’ll reply with a screendump of the DragNet interface.

Well, I don’t know what to say. I’ve mainly used DT as a “personal reference manager” where I’ve stored articles, web pages, text snippets, PDFs, etc that I’ve found interesting. I’ve then basically searched for different info when I’ve needed it. Nothing fancy.

However, the Pro version have changed things. It has features, I don’t know how much I can say so I keep my mouth shut  ;), that make it much more powerful.

I’m currently trying to set up DT to be my “task manager and organizer” where I keep track of stuff to do, reference material, etc etc. I don’t know how well it will work since I haven’t stress tested it yet but the next 6 months will show how well DT handle this.

Thanks for the offer.  If you drop it on a web site and post a URL I’d take a look. :slight_smile:

Maybe version 2.0 will add the possibility to define a list of groups for the "Classify" drawer on your own (as this drawer is already capable of replicating a content to multiple destinations).

Not sure what you mean by "define a list of groups".  Would that make it possible to create a new group as the target for Duplicate/Replicate/Move To group selections in the Classify drawer?  It would also be quite nice if new group creation were possible from selected items in a Search window.  Maybe add a "New Group" item under the "—> <group>" at the top of the current group selection CM?

I’d make heavy use of that functionality for “regroupings” in my overdue-to-be-reorganized database; certainly faster and easier than multi-step operations through a temporary group.

No, that would only simplify moving/replicating contents to multiple groups. But the search of the next build will probably support the "Group" command.