Moving between databases

In DTP2, is there a key combination that will let me switch between two open databases? I’m averse to using a mouse whenever possible.

Command-tilde will do it.

Hm. That’s not working for me.

Command-tilde works if both databases are open in their own window.

Thanks very much. That’s what I needed to know.

Actually, it doesn’t for me. I tried it with all the window display options and with two databases open in their own windows. I just get a beep.

Command ~ works for me as well to switch between databases open in their own windows.

Doesn’t work for me with the Finnish keyboard, but when I switch to British keyboard, it works. And when it works, it doesn’t only switch between database windows, but rotates through all DT windows.

As expected, since Command-` and Command-~ (Shift-Command-~) are standard shortcuts (on certain keyboards anyway) for rotating between windows in the active application.

There’s no keyboard shortcut to switch between different DT databases, just those that select different windows that can have the side effect of also selecting a different database.

You are right. I didn’t realise this since I couldn’t make the rotation work with the ~ (tilde) key combination. Instead the rotation works with ` key combination (one must hit Command-Shift-´ on Finnish keyboard). With it one can rotate through all the windows of an application, DT included.

Being able to assign a keyboard shortcut to switch databases, whether or not any windows are open, seems like a good idea. And I’m wondering if some kind of brief notification of which database you’ve switched to (by any method) would be useful, especially if you’re running windowless.

Excellent thought. I do something like this with LaunchBar–just invoke the command to open the database I want. But I did that with DTP1; with DTP2 it would be nice to be able to easily switch among databases within the app.

Interesting point. I also use LB to open DTP databases but unfortunately it doesn’t work as a database switcher, which would be quite an acceptable third-party solution for me. No need for a fancy OSD, like with the OS X app switcher.

Why not? Launchbar is working for me as a switcher (as long as the database is already open). I’m using the new LaunchBar 5.0 beta. I just made sure that the folder containing my databases showed up with a check in the box next to it in the index window. I typed in the name of my databases until the selection in Launchbar is correct, hit enter, and DT 2 opens the selected database in its own window.

If the database isn’t already open, Launchbar will open it, but not select it or open it in its own window.

It doesn’t work that way (with LB5) when I select a database after first selecting DEVONthink Pro, e.g. “DTP”, Right-Arrow, . If multiple databases/windows are open DTP just reactivates as though it was selected with the OS X app switcher; no database/window switching occurs.

My bad. :blush: Tried again and found that if the database is open, but has no open window, LB will open a new window for it, but you’re right, it won’t switch windows.

I still appreciate your idea even though it doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

Just for the record: with a German keyboard layout, this works with Comannd-< and Command-Shift-< (opposite direction).