Moving data did not work


I need help:

  1. i wanted to move some data to another database. The result is that all groups have dissolved and hundreds of files are now in the other database in a folder called “Orphaned Files”. The complete group structure has been dissolved. Can I undo this?

  2. most of the files “are not available” and I cannot “download” them. How/ where can I set DT to display these files correctly again?


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Restoring from a backup: Yes. Otherwise: no.

It would definitely help if you’d describe your approach in more detail than “move some data to another database”. If some data had been simply some imported files, no groups would have disappeared, nor would you see orphaned files.

How to restore?


Go to the location of your databases in Finder, open Time Machine. It will open to the same folder, and you can go back in time to the point before you botched it. Then select “restore” in Time Machine.

All this is probably explained better somewhere else - it’s essentially the same as restoring any data from a Time Machine backup.


Please provide information on how you moved the files between databases. Thank you.

It will also help when you tell us where your databases are located.

The whole thing sounds as if they were not all on a local disk but some syncing might have gone wrong.

I use Mac so they are located on the HD or do mean something else?

I now have real chaos in the database. No idea from where.

I don’t remember exactly, but I moved with drag and drop, I think.

Another problem I have besides orphaned files are duplicates that are now showing up


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