Moving database to another hard drive

Hi. I’m trying to free up some space on my main hard drive. I cannot find where my DT database is. (.dtbase). I did a search on the drive, which found nothing. First question is: is it called something else?

The only related files I found is a folder in the Library/Application Support/DEVONthink consisting of backups. Am I able to move those also to another drive?

How do I go about doing this? Do I need to make symbolic links or aliases, or how can I direct DT to the new location? thank you. This is provided I can locate the database!

By all means, avoid running out of free hard drive space; that could lead to OS X overwriting files, resulting in data loss or corruption.

Nowadays, it’s pretty cheap to install a larger hard drive in Macs, including laptops.

The suffix of DT Pro and DT Pro Office databases is .dtBase. But from your description, I suspect you are using DT Personal. The DT Personal database is the folder named “DEVONthink” and is located in ~/Library/Application Support/. DT Personal is “hard-wired” to look for the database at that location. It is possible to relocate the database to another drive, with an alias to the new location that’s placed in ~/Library/Application Support/. However, care should be taken to have the other drive mounted before DT Personal is launched. Note: Never move or copy a DEVONthink database in the Finder while the application is open.

Yes, it is DT Personal. Thank you—it worked. I had already gotten a larger system (main) HD, and each drive slot is full. I just needed a few more Gigs freed up for OS breathing room.