moving databases from powerbook g4 to new macbook

I’m a huge fan of DT Pro Office, which initially I installed on a Powerbook GW. I use it to store research and writing projects.

Last week, work replaced the old standby with a spanking Macbook. I’ve tried all day to move the databases from the app on my old machine to the new.

Alas, it’s been a bust. Not all the files make it, especially images. I have one folder of 6 pix of my daughters, and they have to make any of the attempts to move from old to new.

No matter how I try:
File>Export>Files and Folders, email the folders, and then import them into the app installed on the new machine

I tried using the Export Backup Archive script, which produces a zip file. again no luck.

Can someone tell me how I can replicate the setup I have on my old machine on a new one? Many thanks.

Hmm, maybe the files that “don’t make it” are not imported but indexed? When you copy the database package to the new machine defintely all files inside it will be copied.

You can tell if an item is indexed by a zig-zag arrow behind its name in List, the Split, and Three Panes views.