Moving databases

If I have 2 database files on machine A and I want to put the databases from
machine A into DTPro on machine B. How do I to that? I can only
connect the machines by firewire, and of course I can cut CDs.

What’s happened is that machine B is my main machine but I had to use
machine A for a while and now it’s DTP db files are what I need on B.

I hope this is clear, and I’ll appreciate any help anyone can give me.


See the answer I provided to a user who needed to merge two databases. … highlight=


Do you want to merge the databases from A and B or do you want to copy the databases from A to B?

The last case should be easy - just burn a CD containing the .dtBase packages (if the packages should be too large, you might try the “Scripts > Export > Backup Archive…” script which will create an optimized & zipped archive of the current database).

Or activate file sharing (via FireWire) on one machine to copy the packages directly.

Christian and Howarth:

Thanks for the replies and solutions to my problem. Sorry to be so long in acknowledging your help but was in the middle of a move from Costa Rica to the U.S. – total chaos, but all settled in now. :smiley:

Thanks again,