Moving DevonThink app & files to a different Mac

Hi fellas,

I’m about ready to go on a working vacation & I want to take DevonThink Pro app & my files with me. I have yet to install them on my new MacBook Pro.

I do have the app & files backed up on an external HD via CarbonCopyCloner, and of course on the iMac.

What is the procedure in this scenario?

Kindly lemme know.

Just install the application on the second mac, then copy the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/ and finally copy your databases. Copying the preferences is usually not recommended.

I capture screen images of Preferences tabs (using Command-Shift-4) to preserve a visual record of settings for reference when redoing them from scratch (e.g. like I recently did during my iMac G5 -> Mac mini migration).


Thanx for the info. I’ll give it a try.

BTW I couldn’t easily find this thread. Unfortunately I reposted it today. Sorry for the SPAM, fellas.

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Ahh. I stand corrected.

Sorry to have made you take time & effort to help me with the obvious.

Oh, man. I seem to havemisplaced my registration stuff; License #.

How can I get/recover that?

Just copy the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2.registration.plist to the other computer. Or resend all your licenses via

I am doing so frequently, but still people are kindly helping me out of the mess… 8)


Hmm. could not find that ~/Library/Preferences file anywhere on my Mac. I’m going to the ‘resend’ link.


It’s in your user directory.

Hmm. I’ve sent emails to ‘resend license’ via my 2 main addresses. Both got this response:

I seem to recall having an email exchange directly with a big wheel in Devon (the owner?) about the student-level license. That was how I got my DT registration key.

Now I cannot recover it. What now, fellas?

The “resend” license code information request at the third “lifesaver” symbol will result in the automatic registration server looking for registrations with the email address that you entered.

If you have changed your email address since you purchased registration, try updating your information at the fifth “lifesaver” symbol. You will need to enter both the old and current email addresses.

Once updated, the resen request will work.

Sorry, I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. At that ‘resend’ url there’s a lifesaver symbol?

Bill, fellas,

Yeah, it looks like I used my tertiary address for Devon.

Oh, well. I’ve got it now. Mystery solved. Sorry for putting you thru all this.