Moving documents between databases keep failing

I did a clean install of Yosemite on my system on a brand new hard drive and reinstalled various software. After reinstalling DevonThinkPO I imported my personal database (no problem) and went on the hunt for the Global Inbox that was storing all the documents that I hadn’t sorted into my database yet (also no problem).

I retitled the former inbox to a database called “Temp” and opened it. So now I have two open databases, Temp and Personal.

So now I want to move all those documents that reside in the Temp folder into the Global Inbox. So I highlight them and drag them to the Global Inbox. The log returns a bunch of “failed” errors on each file. I tried to move them to the Inbox in my Personal database as well. Same error. Tried them one at a time. Same problem. Tools > Verify & Repair reports no problems with any database.

Can anyone shed any light as to what might be going on here?

If your close DEVONthink, move Inbox.dtBase2 out of ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2, then copy your original Global Inbox database (Inbox.dtBase2) into that folder, then restart DEVONthink you might be ok. If not, something else is hosed and you should open a ticket with Support

You’re playing with instances and copies of databases with the same name (Inbox.dtBase2) so be careful to make notes to keep track of the differences among them.

Thanks for the assist. I did as you said and I was indeed able to get my “temp” database to become the Global Inbox. However, I’m still running into part of the problem which occurs when I try to move a file out of what is now the Global Inbox, into my database titled “Personal”. The log shows the move “failed” and of course, the document isn’t moved. Thoughts?

A little bit of an update that might help someone help me. Documents scanned into the Global Inbox prior to my system re-install are the only ones that fail when trying to move them to my Personal database. Documents that were scanned into DTPO today (for example) move with no problem.

I am guessing there might be some kind of permission issue with the old files and the new files, but I don’t know enough about changing the permissions of the files inside the database package to know what to do without the risk of seriously fouling something up.

Does anyone think I’m on the right track as to the problem? Any suggestions for a fix?