Moving documents to multiple groups

I clip documents to a clipping folder (excluded from classify) which I go through from time to time to ‘file’ the documents collected.

I regularly find myself wanting to associate a particular document with between 2 and 4 different groups. At the moment I do this by replicating the document to each of the groups except one, then moving the document to the last group. This seems to be a fiddly process fraught with the possibility for error. For example I end up replicating to all then have to delete the copy from the clippings folder; or worse I accidently move the document to a folder instead of replicating, then have to open that folder and sort through to find the document then replicate it to the other relevant groups.

Is there a way to quickly and easily in one step indicate to DTP, “I want to put copies (replicants) of this in these 3 (say) groups”? If it was possible to do this and also to get rid of the original (ie in the clippings file) then that would be even better.

Or is there a totally different and better way to handle my situation that I’m missing?

Using “Classify” you can do this. Open the doc. Hit Classify. Select the various groups you want it replicated to by holding the Command key (Apple key). Then hit “Move To”. It will move the document into the various Groups, creating a replicant in each – and the original file will not be in the original location anymore. Very handy. …Not sure if this can be done as easily outside the “Classify” drawer or not…

Thanks for that. “Classify” will be exactly what I want when my database is set up.

Unfortunately at the moment I am in the setting up stage and the Classify drawer is not accurate enough to be of use, often not even listing the groups I want.