Moving DT Database


I have been using DEVONThink for some time to file paperwork and receipts.

The vast majority of the files are .PDF files which I “INDEX” rather than “IMPORT”. The actual files are stored in a separate folder [e.g. “Receipts Folder”] (containing several sub-folders which may not match how they are organized inside the database). NOTE: sometimes the files are “Indexed” BEFORE they are moved to the Receipts folder, but DT locates them correctly anyway.

I would now like to move the entire database AND the “Receipts Folder” to a new computer, however this seems to “break the links” between the database and the “Indexed Files”.

What is the best way to transfer the database (and the receipts folder) to another computer so that the database can correctly locate the files?


You can update the paths of the indexed files using Scripts > Path & URL > Update paths…

The script works and will let me repair the links, but it is a bit of a manual process, particularly since the “Paths” vary so much since I would frequently index BEFORE moving the file to its final location - when it was on the same computer it would still find the file after it moved.

Is there any easy way to find ALL of the items in the database with a broken link?


Unfortunately not that I am aware of.