Moving DTPO to a new Mac

Good morning.

I need move my DTPO install to a new MBP, but do not know the correct procedure. Is it sufficient to download and install new copy of DTPO, copy database and library files then have at it? My set-up is straightforward - no cloud syncing and such.

Guidance will be greatly appreciated. I have set-up new Mac before without issue, this will be the first time moving DTPO and I cant afford error!

Thank you!

Yes, it’s fine to copy to the new machine the ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2 directory and any .dtBase2 files outside that directory.

Thank you for your swift response - cheers

Be aware that if you index files then the files on the new machine need to be at the same relative path location as on the old machine. So if you index:

/Users/MyAccount/Documents/MyDocuments on machine A then when you move the databases to machine B then path needs to be the same.

Worst case is the index breaks and the indexed documents disappear from DEVONthink (after a Verify and Repair). So if your paths are going to change you might have to reindex some of your files.

LOL then i will be certain to maintain the same relative path location!!

Thank you for the heads-up, much appreciated!