Moving External Files while maintaining MetaData

I am loath to move my files into the Devonthink database, having been burned by a previous application that destroyed 160 hours worth of work.

Is there a way to enter the meta-data into DEVONthink database in such a way that if the file is moved externally that when you re-index it Devonthink would find the file and Re associate the meta-data.

I recognize that the probability of Devonthink being able to work that way is quite low, are there any other recommended workflows that would allow you to keep your files external?

The best solution is to update indexed items inside DEVONthink 3, this will update the files/folders in the Finder too since version 3.

I think the best solution - is to move your files into DT database. They are more safe and private there, nothing to loose or bother of. I’d say leaving your files in some Documents folder on the disk or so is more dangerous.
Well, unless you deal with shared folders or special data (like media or archives).

Can the database handle 250 GB worth of files. Will end up with a database that is even larger than 250 GB PLUS the 250 GB of files in finder

No, if you move your 250 Gb into database, you may safely delete original items from Finder. The size of DB w/o files will be the same. And 250 Gb is not a limit, it just might be more wise to split it up by subject to better use AI functions.

Well I was performing some initial testing with Dummy data I had an occurrence where I am was not able to open the database. So I’m not quite sure about your claim that My information would be safer.

What are the downsides to just using devonthink to Index The files that are in finder.

If I do just use Devonthink to index the files are there any best practices?

I had an occurrence where I am was not able to open the database.

Please clarify this.

I think everyone would like to hear the details of this “claim”, please.