moving files between databases

Am I missing something? Is it possible to move or copy a file between open databases without opening a new window? I assumed grabbing a file and hovering over another database would switch the view to that database. If not, I would like to add that behavior as a point release request. It would be more consistent with the behavior of the finder. Thanks.


Personally, I’ve got mixed feelings about that. I work with at least one window open in each open database, and don’t want to have any of those windows changed by such an action.

Another workflow problem is that if I’m moving several batches of documents from one database to another, switching the displayed window would lose focus. Normally, after the copy of selected documents to another database, I delete them from their previous location; if the source window changes, I’ll have to recreate it and once again select the documents to be deleted, delete them, then select another batch to move to a different database or location. That would seem clumsy. (And that’s also why I always have two Finder windows open, as I see the same problem in Finder behavior.)

Here are two easy ways to move selected items between databases, without losing focus of the “source” window and while retaining the selection choices in that window. After selecting file(s):

  1. Control-click (right click) and choose the contextual menu option, “Move To”, then navigate to the desired database and group into which the items are to be moved. When that has been done, delete the selected documents from the initial database.

  2. Choose Tools > Show Groups (Control-Command-G). Drag the selected items to the desired database/group. Press the keyboard shortcut once more to hide the Groups panel. Now delete the selected documents from the initial database.

Note: In DEVONthink 2 pb1 the “Move To” command copies selected items to a different database, rather than actually moving them. It’s likely that a true movement of items between databases will be seen in a future release. In the meantime, it is still necessary to delete the “moved” items from the initial database after a copy to another database operation.

Actually, this does not seem to work in the PB1. When I control-click a file, I can only move it within the current DB.

I would also note that the “Inbox” listed under “GLOBALS” is a little misleading. By “GLOBALS” I had initially assumed that it meant between DB’s as well. If it did, then it would act like the Shelf feature in Pathfinder (if you are familiar with that excellent Finder replacement).

A nice way to move files between DBs would be to behave like the finder. After dropping a file into a new location, the view refreshes back to the original view that existed before dragging the folder. Spring loaded folders. Not sure if this would be a big pain in the behind to implement.

Oops! My bad. Forgot that “Move To” is limited to the locations of a single database in public beta 1.

Even though there are plenty of ways working with multiple databases can and likely will be improved I’m not sure if this is a specific case where you’d want consistency with Finder. Especially if the return-to-original behavior with spring loading would be as unreliable as Finder’s is for me. Food for thought, though. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to assume what that means before it’s actually implemented and possibly renamed/moved. The UI is already confusing enough without considering the unimplemented parts (too much :slight_smile:). At some point I’d like to see more UI simplification instead of digging more rabbit holes.