Moving files from inbox to group in group in database

Can I move a file from the global inbox directly into a group within a group within a database (like moving it from a folder to a subfolder in a subfolder in another folder)?

To me it seems I have to move a file first from the global inbox into the respective database, then go to the inbox of this database, and only then it is possible to move the file into the folder or subfolder (= group or group in a group) where I want to have it.

To do this with many files from the global inbox that belong in different groups or subgroups or subsubgroups in different databases seems to be quite cumbersome to me. Is there a quicker way of doing this?

Cmd-ctrl-g opens a window that displays all open databases with subfolders, which you can use to move items directly from the Global inbox to folders or subfolders.

  1. Go > menu bar > Tools > “Show groups & tags”. This will display a HUD panel displaying your databases including all groups onto which you can drag your files. It has even springloaded groups, so the hierachy opens while dragging. It’s great!

  2. There is a wonderful script from Rob/houthakker here on the forums, see this thread:
    Move | Duplicate| Replicate selected records [+LaunchBar]

Yep, default keyboard shortcut is cmd-ctrl-g!