Moving files to Inbox and converting them to PDF searchable

Hi there,

I’m definitely a beginner with DT, therefor sorry if my question is a bit stupid…

My HP scanner saves PDF files (not searchable) to a local folder called “Scanner”.

Now I would like to automatically convert those files to searchable PDF, move the searchable PDF to the Inbox, and delete the original ones in the Scanner folder.

I’m trying to do this with 2 actions in a smart rule:

  1. OCR to Searchable PDF
  2. Move to Inbox

The OCR is working fine, however the files that are moved to the inbox are the original ones, not the searchable ones.

Any idea how to do this using only 1 smart rule?

Thanks for your help!


Changing the OCR > to Searchable PDF action to OCR > Apply won’t create a new document anymore and therefore should move it as expected.

It’s working fine with OCR > Apply, thanks a lot for your help Christian!