Moving from DEVONthink 1 to DEVONthink 2 Public Beta

Tips and Notes

Managing two versions of an application: I have DT Pro Office 1.5.4 and the current public beta of DTPO 2 in separate folders in my Applications folder, each folder containing the additional files for that version including the Extras folder, user documentation, etc.

I don’t recommend having both applications available at the same time, in case of possible confusion by Services and scripts that might open the “wrong” application in order to send data.

So I use the contextual menu option to zip (compress) the application that I’m not going to be using for a while, then delete the application file afterwards and empty the Trash. When I need to use that application again, I don’t have to re-download it; just unzip it (and zip the other version, then delete it from Applications). Then a logout/login will assure that Services are set for the application to be used.

I do need to switch back and forth occasionally, for example, to check out a Support issue in the version 1.x applications. But I’ve actually switched to using DT Pro Office 2.0 for my working databases, beginning several pre-release betas ago.

Depend on the beta for work? The decision as to whether to depend on a beta application for important work is up to the user. The public beta release has undergone internal testing, then gone through a series of betas released to a volunteer group of users. But no amount of testing in these ways can cover all the possible variables of hardware and software environments in the larger user community. That’s why this is a beta release, and the developers are seeking information that can lead to improvements for the final release. Some problem reports may be useful for that purpose; others may indicate problems at the user’s end, and can be helpful for diagnosing and recommending best practices. User comments and suggestions about features and operations are also welcomed.

There will be a final release of version 2.0 of DEVONnote and the DEVONthink applications. But that won’t be the end of development. There will be continuing improvements over time through free updates in the 2.x series, including responsiveness to user suggestions. But not each and every suggestion made by kalisphoenix. :smiley:

Back it up! It’s always a good idea to do frequent backups when using beta software. And it’s a good idea to keep that practice up when the application is released in final form, as well. Just finished writing the Great American Novel, or added something that’s very important? Don’t wait for a scheduled backup; do it now. Don’t assume that your important data is completely protected by an internal backup, or another backup on your hard drive, or even a Time Machine backup on an external drive. What happens if your hard drive fails, your laptop is stolen, your home is burglarized, your house burns down? Would you lose everything? If it’s important, “buy insurance” by managing offsite storage on physical media or a trusted online storage.

How to submit feedback:

  1. The user forum - a good vehicle for user discussions. There’s a lot of information (and a bit of noise at times) here. Take a look at the recent thread topics that may relate to your interest. Experienced users can be very helpful to newcomers. Civility of discourse is encouraged.
  2. Bug reports - as suggested in the DEVONthink 2.0 UPGRADER’S GUIDE (link on page 7), the ticket system can be used to report possible bugs. Try to provide as much specific information as possible, but as concise as possible. If there is a related crash report and/or Console messages, please include them.
  3. Support queries (Help > Support) - feel free to ask questions, report problems and make comments. We’ll respond as quickly as possible. Most queries are answered within a day (sometimes in minutes). At the moment, Eric, Annard and I are wading through hundreds of queries, most of which deal with upgrading and license code issues. Tricky issues are referred to Christian, especially those with substantial included information such as crash reports, and it may take him a while to diagnose a problem.

Thanks for a very helpful post.

I was using DT Personal and just downloaded DT Pro Office. I was told by tech support that when I did this, I would then need to physically drag my DT Personal files into DT Pro Office to access them. Sounded simple enough. But the first time I launched Pro Office, my files were already there, which I’m assuming is because they enhanced the software to handle automatically migrating the data from another version.

Do you know if I should be able to safely uninstall the DT Personal software, or if that would in some way, do anything to my data?


After migrating your 1.x data to a version 2.x database, you may safely remove all of the 1.x application and data.

This thread dates back to 2008. Imo, it should be unpinned, right?

There are still users upgrading to 2.x from 1.x.

Then if you want to keep it, it might be smart to adjust the titel? Or is 2 still a public beta? I don’t think so, right?