Moving from DevonThink 2 to 3, managing OneDrive files and syncing files added in DT3?

My work uses OneDrive for their cloud-based storage. I love it because I’m able to sync from my work computer to my personal Mac back-and-forth rather easily. I’m wondering as currently when I update things on OneDrive it gets sent to my Mac and PC. Since being a DevonThink 2 user, I don’t have the ability to index from cloud-based software at least as far as I know (at least it was clunky when I tried it previous).

My goal would be to be able to use a DEVONthink database for OneDrive
and have it sync no matter the files that I put into it. In other words if I’m in DEVONthink 3 and add an image that it would sync the image to show on my work PC in OneDrive. Is this a viable thing to be able to do in DevonThink 3? Am I misguided on a use case?

This should be possible but in case of conflicts the sync shouldn’t create duplicates (see Preferences > Sync). In addition, what’s the path of your OneDrive folder?

The relative path of your local OneDrive folder should be the same on each machine. The default location is ~/OneDrive.

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I’ll check the preferences. Also I already have stuff syncing thanks to Hazel to a folder on my laptop.

I know the default location :open_mouth:

Haha! That was for @jonrd :stuck_out_tongue: