Moving from DT Personal to DT Pro - Finding my db


I have just upgraded from DevonThink Personal 2.3.3 to DevonThink Pro 2.3.3.

How do I import my Database from Personal to Pro? It is very important to me as it contains 2 years of research and I can’t lose it.

Your help gratefully appreciated.

On the initial launch of DEVONthink Pro, it should have detected the Personal database and copied its contents to a Pro database, with the file am extension, “.dtBase2”.

If.that didn’t happen, quit both editions of DEVONthink. Locate the Personal database, which is the folder named “DEVONthink 2” at ~/Library/Application Support. Copy (Option-drag) that folder to you Documents folder.

Rename the folder, adding the file name extension, “.dtBase2”. The folder will then become a Pro database package file.

Double-click on the new database file to launch it under DEVONthink Pro. Run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for errors. You should now have a working Pro database.

After successful conversion of the Personal database, remove the DEVONthink Personal app from tha Applications folder and logout/login or Restart. This will avoid possible confusion of scripts and Services as to which application will receive new content.