Moving from Eaglefiler to DevonThink Pro 2

This is probably a no-brainer, but I honestly have been searching the forums (which seem buggy today) and nosing around. I can’t figure out what would be the best method of moving EagleFiler databases into DevonThink Pro 2. I’m considering making the transition to DevonThink, but I sort of want to be able to compare first. I’m trying to be cautious about how I do this, because if I don’t decide to go with DT, I want all my EF databases intact. I currently have five databases in EF. I’m assuming the best thing to do would be to create corresponding databases in DT and then transfer files. But here’s where I’m confused. I obviously don’t want to move all the files from EF, so copying them (or some of them) would be logical. But what is the best way to do this? Drag and drop? Copy from Finder?

Sorry if this is a really dumb question, I just don’t want to mess up all my databases. Thanks for any help you can offer.

You should be able to just import from within DEVONthink Pro. Point it at your EagleFiler database location; at the root of it, and it should suck in all the files and folders (including the EF database, which you won’t need within DEVONthink).

The DEVONthink database stores all the documents internally so you will have 2 completely separate and independent databases between the products.

A conservative method:

Try an Export from EagleFiler, although it doesn’t appear to preserve the database hierarchy (which may not be possible with any method). Quit EagleFiler if you’ll feel more confident about not changing anything in its database. :slight_smile: Then just import the exported data from EF into a new DEVONthink Pro database, e.g. using the File > Import > Files and Folders… menu command (or Option-Command-I shortcut). If satisfied, repeat for each EF database.

An adventurous method:

Quit EagleFiler, then try importing one of its database file/folder hierarchies directly into DEVONthink. If satisfied, repeat for each EF database.

Those and other possible methods will only read from and not modify the EF databases. Presumably you already have backups of them (and other data you can’t afford to lose) somewhere?

Oh! Just noticed CatOne got his reply in while I was interrupted before finishing mine but I’ll post it anyway.