Moving from inbox to the group selected by classify

Something I face several times per day but can not find a good solution so far (even online). A typical situation I face:

  • Select a file in the DT Inbox to file away
  • Use classify to find the right group for filing
  • File the document from the Inbox to one of the suggested groups (conveniently using ^C)
  • Navigate to the group with the new document for editing in context e.g. using the new file and other files in the group

The first 3 steps are very efficient. The last one not so as I need to remember first which group it was that was used and secondly navigate per hand/or keyboard to that location. I would ideally like that DT remembers the last used group and allows me to navigate directly to that group.

Any suggestions ?

Welcome @MacDav

You could Right-click the target group in Classify and select Open in Tabs. Drag and drop the file to the tab, then close the tab for the folder. The original file should still be displayed.

Note we are working on some things for the next major version that may be more immediately useful for accessing groups.

(To myself)… Duh.

After you classify the document, click the Back Arrow in the Navigation bar (or Go > Back or Command-left bracket) above the preview. It should display the last viewed file, in this case the file you just classified.

You could also then press Command-R, if you want to reveal the file in its current location.

And yes, we are still working on some things… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tips. I’ve checked your 2nd option at it works as suggested. Just need to be careful to return the focus to the window above preview before hitting Command-left braket and then Command-R. The initial focus following the classify step seems to be in the classify window itself so this step is important.