Moving inbox db to attached drive safely - HOWTO?

Hi all,

Running DTPO on a 2018 macmini with a small 250 GB storage.
I used Derlien Disk Inventory X to locate file hogs, and it appears the DTPO Inbox.dtBase2 file located in /erwin/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/ has grown to 24.3 GB.

Is it safe, while DTPO is closed, to move this file to another location (external usb drive), and then opening the dtBase2 file by double clicking so that it will automatically have DTPO open it up?

If not, how can move the Inbox.dtBase2 file to an external disk?
Or can I just move it and leave a symbolic link in the original location?

Thanks for helping out!

I’m not sure it is possible to change the path of the global inbox. The more common solution is to use the inbox literally as an inbox - from which you distribute items to other databases (which could be stored on an attached drive).

We do not suggest symlinking or moving the Global Inbox.
The better idea is to move items out of the Global Inbox into more focused separate databases. These database can be located on connected external drives.

Thanks, I understand, but that will take too much time right now.
I’ll try the move and then plan to empty the Inbox.dtBase2 to another DB

Thanks for helping out!