Moving Indexed Folder

I’m starting to use Devonthink for my project files and notes so I’m indexing my project folder on my desktop. When the project is completed, stalled or put on hold, I’ll move the project folder to a different hard drive for archive.

How can I move the my actual project folder to a different hard drive and have the move reflected in Devonthink?

Is there an easier way than reindexing the folder?

Right now, if I just move the folder, the folder name with the note files stays in Devonthink and the project files are gone.

I would love to hear how other users handled this situation to keep files and folders organized with minimum house keeping.

Reindexing is one possibility, another one is to replace the original folder with an alias/a symbolic link pointing to the new folder.

You can also move the notes files to the indexed folder (right-click, Move to External Folder) before moving the folder to an external drive/reindexing, and all your notes and project files will stay together.