Moving items is inefficient?

I feel like I’m using DT3 wrong. I think I expect a lot fo the behavior of the Mac finder when I move files and end up with a very inefficient process.

I wish I could create a tab and drag an item off one pane, onto another tab, or pause over the tab and have the tab spring to the front and then drop the item where I want.

I also wish I could cut and paste items.

I think this is about producing convenient access to the origin and destination location. What I often end up doing is scooting and resizing windows.

I would appreciate any advice on streamlining the process of moving files.

I have not found a great workaround.

What I do is unfortunately a two step process. I move items from the global inbox into the database specific inbox. From there, I go through each database inbox in turn. since the inbox is located near individual groups (eg folders) in the database, it makes it easier to drag and drop to the proper place.

This reflects my workflow when the three pane view was intact (eg DT v2) and I have continued it despite no three pane view in version 3.

Personally I find the move command to be great. Have you tried the ⌃⌘M shortcut? Works pretty good! Also if you have a particular set of windows you are commonly (re)using and dragging files from one to the other try the Go>workspaces>add command and save that as a workspace. Sorry if you have already tried this, if not hope it helps alleviate.