Moving Local Copy of Sync'd Database

Hi – Some time ago I set up my DT databases to sync via WebDAV. This has worked great from both my Mac and from DEVONthink To Go.

If I understand correctly, my Mac holds a local copy of the databases that are sync’d with the copy that’s stored on the remote drive via WebDAV.

My question is, how can I move the local copy of my databases to another drive (on the same Mac) without breaking the synchronization link?

Probably unfairly, I view the synchronization process as delicate and I’m reluctant to take any action that will break it as it’s working great for me right now.

Thanks for any guidance!

– Robert

Practically speaking, yes but pedantically, your databases are not synced to WebDAV. It’s raw, chunked, and optionally encrypted DEVONthink-specific data for use with Apple devices running DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go. (That’s a BIG reason why sync is NOT a backup, and should not be treated as such.)

Just close the database, move it, and double-click to open it again. It has no bearing on syncing.

Brilliant, thank you for the information and the quick reply. It worked as you said.

As you point out the synchronization ≠ backup, can I feel comfortable establishing a regular procedure to backup my databases to cloud storage (i.e., Google Drive)? Or is it considered a best-practice to keep backup copies locally?

Again, thanks for your guidance.

– Robert

Not if you’re referring to the databases themselves, ie. the .dtBase2 files. You should never put them in a cloud-synced folder.
However, you could do an occasional File > Export > Database Archive to create a ZIP file that’s safe to store in any cloud service.

Opinions vary on this, but I remain committed to and always advocate local primary backups. It’s your data and access to it should not be dependent on a good Internet connection or servers that aren’t under your control. As a secondary strategy, I don’t have any issue with an appropriate online backup service. However, the service must be snapshot-based, similar to what Time Machine does. Arq is one our company president uses. If the service claims it’s continuously backing things up, I would avoid it as it’s potentially NOT data-safe for the databases.