Moving mail into a Group from Global inbox

Why is it that when I move email from the Global Inbox to a group in a database by “'Move To” a copy is placed n the destination Group but the original stays put! I find it a little disconcerting as being that sort of person I have to check that it has really gone before deleting the original from the Global Inbox.

It shouldn’t work like that and I’ve never seen any similar reports. Does this always happen or only if emails are moved? Is anything logged to Windows > Log?

That was really weird but it is not doing it now! Sorry to bother you but if it happens again I will look at the Log and open a ticket. Thanks for help.

Had a thought that it might be that the offending emails were already in the database! If this was the case doubly sorry to have troubled you. :blush:

This had crossed my mind too. Likely to be very confusing if the existing emails comprise a portion of a thread you are newly importing, in which case it might not be clear that the NEW parts of the thread have, indeed, been moved.

Is anything logged to Windows > Log?

Yes, as I suspected the file is already in the Group!