Moving or copying a pdf file

I have a group called “BHG Indiv Garden Plans.” It contains 29 small pdf files which display just fine in DTP when I look at them, either in the display window of my tri-part window or if I double click them to open in one window.

I have another group called “Foundation Garden.” It contains about 15 image files.

What I want to do is move (or I’ll settle for copy) one of the pdf files from the BHG group into the Foundation Garden group.

I can’t seem to drag it or copy it or in any other way get the pdf into the other group.

Any help would be appreciated.


Well, it looks as though I solved my problem. I was able to move the pdf file by selecting it in its group and then going to the Actions drop down on the toolbar and selected Move To and then selected the group I wanted to move the file to and it worked a charm.

What I don’t understand, however, is why I just couldn’t drag the file from the one group to the other?

Can anyone explain this to me?


Hi, Martin:

I’m not always a fan of drag & drop, as it can be a bit clumsy and imprecise sometimes.

You really should have been able to drag & drop the file to another group.

But when I want to move documents, the most convenient method is to select one or more documents and Control-click. Then there’s a contextual menu option to let me move (or replicate or duplicate) the document(s) to another group. Quick and easy is my motto. :slight_smile: