Moving Plain Texts into a Group

I started entering plain text notes. I realized that the number of notes had grown to the point where they should be split into two different groups. I created the Groups.

I’m now looking at my Groups in the upper left hand corner and the Plain Texts just below. And I can’t figure out how to get the Texts into the Groups.

Do I have to wait until I’m back with the computer I synch with?



At the moment you’ll have to wait until you’re back at your computer. Organizing files is something we plan to add, but we need to make some improvements to our sync code first.

So, I’m back in the office finally and want to synch so that I can manage the notes I made.

It won’t synch. It keeps timing out. And, it’s timing out on one of the 2 new groups I made.

So, since the groups are empty I figure I just need to delete the groups and remake them on the desktop. No joy. You can’t delete groups.

I only just realized that it copied over some of the new notes I’d entered. Not all of them. And those that did get copied over were duplicated.

Now what?

Please. Anybody got any ideas?


This is indeed a bug (syncing groups created in DTTG can stall syncing) that should be fixed in the next update (within a few weeks).

You should be able to use a “swipe-to-delete” gesture when viewing the list of files and groups, similar to deleting messages in

Assuming that you can delete the groups via the “swipe-to-delete” gesture, you should be able to successfully sync after that, create the groups on your computer, and move the files into those groups.