Moving records around into groups and creating groups

One thing I was hoping for in the first release was the ability to file away my inbox items on the move.

If the functionality to move a record is there already, I’m too dumb to figure it out.

There are three things I was excited about DTTG for:

  1. having my shoebox of stuff be mobile. DTTG does that (thanks!)

  2. Being able to do basic filing and organizing of records (looks like this isn’t there yet, beyond adding comments, flags, and some meta) such as being able to clear out my global inbox. Realizing that the iPad likely won’t have see also and classify (or will it?)

  3. web clipping on the run.

I’m excited to have my shoebox on the iPad, though. It has already paid off as I was reading and reviewing documents this morning unleashed from my computer, and without having to email documents to myself or put them on iDisk! hooray! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: So, the arrival of DTTG is a BIG WIN. adding the ability to move things around and get data in are going to be even bigger wins!

You can add your browser’s bookmarks and your RSS feeds to your database, and browse the internet from within DtTG. From there, you can update and create bookmarks, capture links, copy text etc. without leaving DtTG.