Moving the folder of an indexed databasse?

I have an indexed database, from a single folder and it’s hierarchy below.
I would like to move this folder to another location, maybe even a different disk.

Is that possibe?

This is something I never tried and tested.
Any experience?

Should I stop DT before and then I get asked where this folder now is?

I see two options within DT:

One allows to move the selected folder into another database - which is similar to “Move into database”, I suppose.

The other is “Move into external folder” … which sounds promising, but it may be something different.

I tried to open “DEVONthink 3 Help” in the Help menu, but strangely nothing happens - no new window, no popup and no page in Safari.
The help seems to have vanished :open_mouth:

I found the DEVONthink PDF manual:

“Move to External Folder: Moves imported files out to the Finder when they’re located in an indexed group.”

That seems to “export” only imported content to an external folder, when it is contained in an indexed group - this would not help to move the folder …

The easiest & most secure option is to…

  1. Copy the folder to the desired destination
  2. Via the Path pop-up in the Info > Generic inspector assign the new, copied path to the indexed group.
  3. Move the original folder in the Finder to the trash
  4. Optionally use File > Verify & Repair Database… to verify that everything is fine

This was also discussed on our blog…

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Many thanks!

I did it this way :slight_smile:

Oh, great - I did not even notice the Blog.

I will scan it for further wisdom!

Many thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: