Moving to DevonThink

I have 4000+ receipts and statements in Mariner Paperless and I think I want to move to DTPro. Paperless is buggy and slow. DTPro has better search. Anyway, I want to be able to maintain my statements in some sort of order, preserving the dates. Is there an easy way to batch change dates to match the file creation date? Thanks

DtPro documents inherit creation/modification dates/times of imported files. So if files exported from Paperless have desired creation dates then DtPro documents will also have them after importing. There are also scripts for adjusting dates of Dt documents, e.g.:

Copy Creation to Modification Date
Copy Modification to Creation Date
Touch Creation Date
Touch Modification Date

You could do some testing (before purchasing, if you don’t already have a license) to make sure it’ll work the way you’d like.