MSDTP: a DevonTHINK Pro to Mailsmith Email Helper

MSDTP is a floating palette that links DevonTHINK Pro, Bare Bones Mailsmith and Apple’s Address Book to make it easier to use DevonTHINK Pro to create email messages.

MSDP is freeware. (It is written in Applescript using the Smile dialog utility. MSDP includes the Satimage.osax, and when you run MSDP, you are also running a limited version of Smile.)

MSDTP will convert any DevonTHINK Pro plain text document into a Mailsmith email message and then send, queue or save the new message.

Addresses can be gathered from Address Book before the message is created or they can be inserted in Mailsmith after the message is created. The message subject can be taken from the title of the DevonTHINK Pro document, from the body of the document, or inserted in Mailsmith.

MSDTP will also convert a Mailsmith message into a DevonTHINK Pro plain text document with appropriate formatting for a “reply” message.

To read more about MSDTP and/or to download a copy, please go to:

Richard Dillman
Wellsboro, PA USA