Mulitple Banner Ads when using Clip to Webarchive

I’ve done some searches, but have not found this problem on the boards.

When I Clip to Webarchive, previously using the bookmarklets and now using the Safari extension, any banner ads at the top of the webpage appear at least twice (and up to four times) in the page rendered in DT Pro Office. Happens on all sites with a banner ad (mostly newspaper articles). Is this a known bug or is there something I can do about it?

Many thanks.

Are you running the latest version (currently 1.1) of the extension? Can you post the URL of a page this happens with?

Yes, I am running the latest version of the extension. Also, I noted that the issue exists using the bookmarklet as well. … -moneyema4

Attached a screen shot of the latter link as it appears in DT Pro Office.
bannershot.tiff (99.3 KB)

That’s a prinicpial issue of web archives and dynamic content like ads.