Multi renaming of documents

Hi folks,

I just imported a bunch of documents containing the date of the document at the end of the filename.

To be consistent to my existing structure I need to rename all documents and move the date information to the beginning of the name.

F.e. I want to change the name like this
“this is an example 2019-09-24” to “2019-09-24 this is an example”

Is this possible?
Thanx in advance

This is already possible wtih Script menu > Rename > Rename with RegEx using this source…

and destination patterns, noting there is a space between \1 and \2.

Test this on a file or two first. Do not just blindly run it on all the files you want to effect.

Works perfectly.
Thanx for your help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Are there plans to implement a user friendly option for renaming ?
I am a bit frustrated right now, as I am once again taken out of my professional work and have to get myself into the topic of regex again.

It probably doesn’t help but as far as I can tell learning a bit of regex and stuff like that is part of professional work. It is (or might be) hard to start with these things but once one recognizes how useful even a little bit of knowledge is then it’s justified to spend some hours. You won’t regret it.


You need to clarify what you need to do re: renaming so it is easier to assess. Thanks.