Multi-sort options for views

Hello all…

Is this currently possible?
If not - is it something that would interest others?

Tried a search for this – but my terms are clearly lacking.

Assume I jump into a smart-search folder, or any of my groups, for that matter.

Assume I’m interested in all those PDFs that have “AAA” as a tag.
Easy enough to sort the Tags column, which will see all those with “AAA” at the top.

But what if I want to perform a secondary “sort” on the name column as well?
In other words, keep “AAA” tags at the top – but have their names sorted alphabetically.

Or AAA tags at the top, but a secondary sort for date modified, or something similar.

I guess the permutations are endless, but it boils down to being able to fix a primary ‘sort-view’, if that makes sense, and then allow for a secondary sort of a different column…

Anyone else?
Or are most of you satisfied with performing the above, simply by means of the Search function?

This is not (yet) possible. Items are sorted by the selected option (e.g. by tags) and by name (e.g. if the tags are identical).

Appreciate the explanation and reply!

It’s been a while since the original post, but I’m hoping this will stir some rethinking from the Devon folks. I’m working in DTPO v 2.9.16.

I have a similar issue whereby I maintain an unsorted list of files/folders at the database level, yet the tag folder remains random. What I want to do is to be able to perform a custom sort on any folder contents, in my case the tag folder, so that its contents are alphabetical. If I try this in the tag folder, the whole database list of files/folders is sorted alphabetically.

I would have thought this would be a relatively straightforward and easy feature to introduce.

You can apply a different sort to a group, but it is not going to show that sort in the directory pane.

In Split view, click the Tags group to display the Tags. Right-click in the contents pane and you can set the sort for the Tags.